Ongoing works for all-round support of folk craftsmanship and enrichment of tourism infrastructure of Icheri Sheher are performed by the Administration of State Historical - Architectural Reserve “Icherisheher”. As a vital step taken in this field is the activity of “Art Garden”, which is the fine and decorative-applied arts center of Azerbaijan located within “Small Caravanserai” monument in the territory of Icheri Sheher.

Capital repairs and conservation works were done and the caravanserai was restored by following its previous immense appearance within the Master Plan for Icheri Sheher Conservation in a monument of country importance which called once “Small Caravanserai” or “Khan’s Caravanserai” and experienced dilapidation period for long years. Local masters of art performed at the established center, as well as, the carpet-weaving, wood carving, pottery, jeweller's art, national clothes, decorative ornamental landscape gardening and other applied art things are exhibited.

“Paradise” in “Art Garden”
Opening of “Art Garden” in Icheri Sheher
Art Garden in Icheri Sheher starts functioning