Azerbaijan is a country where national traditions are preserved as sacred, and Azerbaijanis follow these traditions from birth throughout their entire lives. Icherisheher is a place where history and traditions are alive, and where the past and the present are inseparable. Today we can see many Azerbaijani national traditions in the performances and the events organized in Icherisheher occasions such as national holidays and high level visits. The most colourful, striking and unique among these holidays is Novruz Bayram which is the celebration of a new year and the arrival of spring celebrated in March. During this holiday, the streets of Icherisheher are festively decorated and crafts are sold everywhere. Skomorokhs stroll through the streets of Icherisheher entertaining visitors and residents and traditional festive sweets such as shekerbura and pakhlava are sold. Actors, pehlevans (wrestlers) and tightropewalkers perform in the streets as well as musicians who play traditional and national music creating a unique and festive holiday atmosphere in Icherirsheher.