Icherisheher – the Old City - is the pearl of the Azerbaijan nation, and a source of pride for every Azeri citizen. Even though its area is only 22 hectares in size, it contains hundreds of historical monuments, four of which are of world importance and 28 of which are of local importance. Icherisheher is a unique town within the city of Baku having its own infrastructure and residential communities. More than 1300 families live in Icherisheher and it contains a number of museums, 18 hotels, and over 100 commercial and catering facilities.  

The fortress Icherisheher is located in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the center of Baku along the coast of the Caspian sea. The walls of the fortress are 8-10 meters in height and 3.5m in width. The unique historic monuments and wide range of tourism optionsl make Icherisheher one of the most popular tourist attractions in Azerbaijan.

Icherishehher is a romantic place for leisure where you will feel as if you have been transported back in time.

The walled city of Baku is located in the sub-tropic geographic zone and has a moderate climate. The winter, spring and autumn are mild and the summer is dry, with rains in late autumn and early spring.