Housing and Communal Repair Service is responsible for construction repair works in the Reserve area of buildings including residential and non-residential stock, pavement and infrastructure systems. In addition, the Department carries out sanitary,cleaning and planting works and housing maintenance and public services.

Scientific Production and Restoration Workshop is responsible for the organization and development of rehabilitation, repair and regeneration projects for historic architectural and cultural monuments located within the Reserve territory; diagnostic studies of the causes of deformation and destruction of architectural monuments; scientific studies of the history of architectural styles and monument rehabilitation practices.

Scientific and Cultural Centre is responsible for scientific, historical and cultural studies of Icerisheher architecture, historical and cultural monuments in the Reserve territory, and the organization of cultural and public events aiming to encourage the development and promotion of national culture. The studies conducted by the Centre help to provide for the transformation of the Reserve area into a tourism centre of international importance by helping to open tourist routes and to attract a wide tourist network. To that end, proposals and programs are drafted and relevant works are completed to implement the strategies in the studies. .

Icherisheher historical museum  is responsible for raising public awareness about the collection and protection of national artifacts reflecting the centuries-old history of the Icherisheher, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

“Shirvanshahs’ Palace Complex” State Historic-Architectural reserve museum carries out a complete set, preservation, studying, mass demonstration and propagation of the is material-cultural monuments reflecting history, architecture, culture, trading and a cultural contact of the medieval feudal state Shirvanshahs.