The main responsibilities of the Department are to: i) preserve the architectural monuments and urban complex of Icherisheher which has existed for thousands of years; ii) ensure the rehabilitation and maintenance of monuments existing in its area and promote the social and economic development of the city; iii) implement a long-term strategy on the transformation of Icherisheher into an international tourist centre meeting modern standards, and iv) pursue the state policy in Icherisheher.

In order to fulfill its duties, the Department has the power to: prepare regulatory and legal acts concerning the reserve area or participate in the preparation of such acts; ban the execution of any renovation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, regeneration and construction repair works not authorized by the Department; issue mandatory instructions; stop transfer for use, including the leasing of monuments under state (municipal) ownership where such transfer has not been approved by the Department; suspend archeological and excavation works in the Reserve area; set up structures and facilities providing services on a temporary and permanent basis and generate income from their operation in compliance with legislation, etc.